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Preparing Art

Four easy steps!

Step #1 Place order online

Step #2 layout art on our templates (on each product page) & upload your art via our handy dropbox  CLICK HERE!

Step #3 if you have submitted our preferred format (PDFX-1a) then your job is on the fast track! Please always review your PDF files In Adobe Acrobat with "overprint preview" set on ON. This will most accurately simulate the final result.

Step #4 an automated email will confirm your order immediately but a non-automated (human!) email will confirm when have received your art. This usually happens 4-6 hours after you complete the upload.

Step #5 (optional) If you have submitted a collect for output or other layout files then our staff will prepare a PDFX-1a and email this to you to approve. We have a simple philosophy for prepping job - use our experience to try to spot problems BEFORE they print. When in doubt - our staff will call and talk through our concerns. The result - your job will print right the first time!

How to Setup your Files:

In general - all cut card and folding card products  need 1/16 bleed all the way around so to produce a 5 x 7 card you would create a document 5.125 x 7.125. This way the "bleed" is build into the page and simplifies making the pdf files. Our templates (see link above) makes this easy. On all saddle stitched booklets however, we need the page to be setup as net size. Example and 8.5x11 page would be setup in Indesign as 8.5x11. Please extend 1/8" bleed on all sides.

Please use the Adobe PDF/X-1a:2001 distiller preset (job options file) which comes with CS3 & CS4. For quality images (300dpi) this setting works great and makes production trouble free.

For saddle-stitch booklets we would prefer to get a "collect for output" including the layout files, the fonts and the linked images.

Remember to dropstuff or .zip your files together prior to upload. This helps to shorten the upload time and it also helps to prevent damaged or corrupt files.

Please call us if you have any questions! We are here to help and we will help you achieve great results!


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