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Do you use soy inks & recycled paper?

Since 2002 we have exclusively used soy based inks and water based coatings for all our work. Somewhat more expensive than standard (petroleum) based ink – but better for the environment! We always encourage printing on recycled paper when possible. Often it does NOT costmore than regular paper and there are hundreds of choices.


What have you done about your “carbon footprint”

Currently our power is 75% wind and 25% small hydroelectric under our utilities “green” power choice plan. We are currently on a waiting list to purchase the upcoming electric delivery vehicle coming from Ford Motor Company for our local deliveries


What about FSC & SFI certification?

We support both these organizations and feel that sound environmental policies and sustainability is vital. Delta is currently FSC certifed and is in the process of getting SFI certification. All stock used in our Express Printing program is SFI certified and both SFI and FSC paper is available in our Custom Printing program.


Why do we use Aqueous coating?

This is a water based coating that has zero pollution causing VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and puts a soft sheen on the final product. It protects and can prevent scuffing and fingerprinting. As the name suggests - it is mostly water and poses no health hazards to our employees or the environment.

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